Friday, August 17, 2018

My feedback to the Paid article

The truth will eventually set us free because lies can never withstand the test of time… In the society today, there are many situations where we lie just to get away with things in our life. May it be with colleagues, friends and family members … eventually, this “habit” becomes a reality and become part of us… Just like the many lies that Dallia and Irene have given in the paid articles, there was only 1% of the truth, the rest was being manipulated. Selective information was given to put themselves in good light… this is the time that truth is being buried in lies and more lies

Dallia/Iphigenie and Joy Kuo suddenly have "Amnesia" when the need to speak the truth is required

A common phrase from Narcissists

A picture tells a thousand words of Dallia/Iphigenie and Joy Kuo's action

Below is my feedback on the article sent which sadly the journalists ignored 😔

Please refer to the below link for more insight:

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